Hon: Prez Premadasa
Posted by PCF on February 09, 1997 at 11:54:44:

President Preamada takes his early morning walk on the
Galle Face Green everyday and The Chariman Building
Corp Ajantha walk the Opposite direction and when they
see each other, Ajantha waves at the Prez and says
'Mama Heta'. This happend a few times and the Prez
was wondering "what the Hell does he mean by "Mama Heta"
and the Curious Prez asked one of his adviser what
is the meaning of Ajantha's wave and "mama Heta" mean.

The reluctant advisor told the Prez "Sir, It means
"Hema Mata". After that Prez never walked in the Morning.
Stayed home with Lady Hema.

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