Gold wall clock!
Posted by Someone on March 14, 1998 at 10:21:32:

A father took his 13 year old daughter to India from France.
He was actually kidnapping a gold rist watch. At the
customs he couldn't find the guy who he had bribed in
What the hell? Indians are always like this..

So the father figured that if he gives the gold rist
watch to his daughter, the officers won't check the litte
gal, so he did.

When they came out of the airport the dad asked for the
gold rist watch and the daughter gave it to his dad.

Daddy : how did u bring it out?

Daughter : Oh I put it into my pussy daddy?

Daddy : Oh shit.... I'm a fool.

Daughter : Well, daddy don't get into putting others in
danger from now on.

Daddy : No baby, I was thinking about smuggling a gold
wall clock by taking u'r mom to Inida next time.

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