Premadasa with Madona
Posted by Senthuran on March 14, 1998 at 10:19:52:

When Gamini Thisanayakka was killed in the bomb blast and he was
brought to the god's court and the god decided to send him to hell.
So he was brought to hell, there hell guard told to Gamini "you can
pickup any punishment here". so, Gamini asked the guard "I want
to see every punishment first", Guard accepted that and he brought
him to every section. In one place some one was beating Lalith,
in other section Ranjan Wijeratne was screaming from boiling oil
pot, and Koppegaduwa was being kicked by his colleagues ..

finally they entered one room, there Premadasa and Madona
were engaging in foreplay on a waterbed. Gamini saw this and
he was excited; and he shouted to the guard "I want this punishment,,
I want this, this is I want"

Guard smiled and said "This punishment isn't for Premadasa,
its for Madona".

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