Mother bus joke
Posted by Damon Nathan on March 03, 1998 at 20:27:17:

One mother got on a bus and got a ticket and paid the price. She
gave some more money and got another ticket to the same place. So
the conductor was wondering if she is with an other adault, guess
what SHE WASN'T. It was still puzzling. The conductor asked,
"y did u get two tickets when u didn't bring any one along?" She
said, "if I loose one I could show the other to the ticket checker
if he asks for my ticket". It's abious that there is a posibility
for loosing the next ticket right!! So the conductor asked "what
would u do if u loose the other one?". She said, "u think I'm a
fool.... that's why I have a season bus pass". ha ha ha

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