Home for the aged
Posted by PCF on February 04, 1997 at 03:02:56:

In this elderly care home there was a guy called
Charlie who was 99 years old. he was proud that he was
99 years old and barg about it too. One day he gets out of
his bed and visit his neighbour and asks him " Can you guess
my age?" so, the neighbour John looks at him for a while
says you are 85. "wrong" says Charlie, "I am 99"

Now he goes to Albert and says, "can you guess my age"
Albert look at for awhile says and " you are 90"
"wrong" says Charlei "I am 99"

Then he visits his other room mate Fred, and says
"Freddie, can you guess age". Freddie looks at him
for a while and he says "you are 87". "wrong again"
says Charlie and visits his only female room mate
Dorothy and says "Honey can you guess my age" she
then says, " Come close to me Charlie" and then she
unzip and starts putting her hand inside Charlies
pants and starts fondling charlies balls, After some
time she say " you are 99 years old". "wow" says Charlie
and he asked her " How did you know that". " Well"
said Dorothy "I heard you tell the other Guys"

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