Posted by PCF on February 04, 1997 at 02:42:38:

Once there was a wife who was depressed because she
wouldn't get any satisfaction from her Husband and she
decided to do some thing about it. She visited a Tatoo
artist and told him " My husband loves the famous French actress
Brigette Bardot and I like you to tatoo her name on my

So the Tatoo artist lifted her dress and told her the
name is too long to tatoo on your buns, so I will tatoo
a "B" on one side and another "B" on the other side. So
she agreed and got those two letters tatooed on her buns.

Now, when the husband arrived after a long day of work
she said " honey I have a surprise for you today"
Husband said "alright, let see what have you got for me

She said, " I know you love this person, So I went out
and got the name Tatooed" and she lifted her skirt and
showed her back. Husband stared at her back and asked
"who the hell is "BOB"

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