sex pills
Posted by sean on February 25, 1998 at 17:52:48:

One day this kid's father told his son to get six pills. On the
way there he said "six pills six pills six pills sex pills".
So he gets to the place where he is spoused to get them,
he says "I would like sex pills". The doctor says "who are they
for" "they are for my dad". So the docter gives him the pills
and tells them to take one every six hours. On the way back he
says "one every six one every six one every six six every one".
He gets back and tells his dad to take one every six hours.
a couple days later the kid comes bake for refills, the docter
says "hows youor dad doing". The kid says "well my mom's dead my
sister's pregnant my buts sore and my dads lookin for the cat.

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