Siripala and his teacher
Posted by Baba on January 25, 1997 at 19:51:16:

This is another story about little Siripala.

One day, after school, at home, Siripala started crying without any reason. His mother, trying to console him, asked why he is crying. He said that he wants to go to his teacher's (She was a pretty female teacher) house and stay overnight there to get extra tuition. The poor mother, who was overjoyed with her son's studiousness, took him to the teacher's house and
let the teacher know his desires. The young teacher was also happy and straight away agrees with them and asked Siripala to stay with her.

In the night, after a very brief study session, Siripala wanted to go to bed. Then the teacher arranged a room for him and asked him to sleep. Siripala started crying. Teacher asked why and Siripala said that at home he sleeps with his mother and he can't sleep along. Teacher was sympathetic and asked him to sleep in her room, on the floor.

After a while, he again started crying. Teacher asked why and he said he is scared to sleep on the floor, because at home he sleeps with his mother on the bed. This time the teacher asked him to sleep on her bed. Both of them are now sleeping on the same bed.

After a few minutes, Siripala started crying again. This time he said that, at home, he used to push his finger on mother's belly button while sleeping and without doing it he cannot sleep. Then the teacher,
reluctantly agreed to allow him to push his finger against her belly button. Siripala started doing it.

Few seconds later, the teacher felt that his finger was going further down below her belly button and she said "Ha Ha Siripala. Oya Pekaniya nevey"

Siripala said with a smile "Mama dannawa, me mage engilla nevey!"

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