Mr. jinadasa and the lady teachera
Posted by Dr.R.P. on February 17, 1998 at 02:43:16:

A newly appointed lady teacher took her firstappoinment from
the school principal mr.Jinadasa.Ahappy lady teacher did her first
period with o level students.once the period was overshe went
to another class for second period.on her way one mischievous
boy managed to paste alabel on the back of the teachers blouse.
unaware of this she worked till noon and went to staff room to
have abreak.there the pasted label was noticed by anotherand she
detached the label and showed it to the lady teacher.on the label
was athree leter word written in sinhala meaning PENIS.

new teacher was reallyashamed andupset.she cried so much Mr.
jinadasa had tobe summonedto the staff roomto console her.
mr.being awittymaninquired what has happened.once heknew what
occured he told thenew teacher miss this is asimple matter
you carried itfor two hours only.but ihave carried for fifty
four years.

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