Another of U-Ravana
Posted by The Russian Guy on February 16, 1998 at 06:42:16:

Well Here's another one. This happened in Kandy during the days when Mr. U-Ravana
is the caretaker of the Tooth.

Foriegn reporters were swarming the capital and Kandy too to cover the Non-Aligned
Conference. There was a Russian among them and he was visiting the Temple of Tooth
in Kandy with the other foreign reporters. Our U-ravana always willing to entertain the
vistors invited the group to have a good time at the Coffe Lounge in the famous Qeen's

They all sat in a big round table, and started to order the drinks first. The Russian was next
to a Cuban reporter and U-Ravana was at the oppsite side of the Russian. Not knowing
what to order the Russian turned to the Cuban who ordered a Fanta. U-Ravana ordered a
Coke. After the drinks arrived, the Russian sipped his Fanta before anybody else even touched
theirs. Ofcourse, this is the first time he ever tatsted any Fanta. Really satisfied of the drink he
sniffed the glass, raised it to eye-level, to see the color of it, and said in a booming voice,

U-Ravana, following evry detail of the movements of this foreigner, sniffed his glass, raised it face
high and shouted COCASTIC!

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