another one on beautiful breasts!
Posted by machan on February 12, 1998 at 00:02:01:

There was this woman with huge breasts who was always being harassed
and whistled at by men. She had had enough of this and decided to
join a convent.

One day during the summer the heat was unbearable. Since she was in her
office, and no one was there, she undressed her self exposing her breast.
Just then her secretary buzzed her on the phone and said, "Sister Mary-Francis,
the blindman is here". She thought for a second and decided to allow the
blindman in. She figured since he was blind she would not need to
get dressed.

When he entered, he said, "WOW! Those are the most beautiful breasts I've
ever seen. Now, where do you want me to put the blinds?"

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