I did this (Mage Weda)
Posted by Kanishka on January 08, 1997 at 13:01:08:

Little Siripala, also known as "Amdon" is a child who was well aware of all the adult stuff and obscene language.

Once Siripala's teacher (a lady teacher) who was so annoyed with his use of obscene language, told Siripala to ask his mother to meet her the following day. Siripala's mother, who was pregnant, came to meet the teacher, the following day. As she entered the classroom, Siripala, pointing his finger to his mother's tummy, shouted saying "teacher! teacher! I did this! I did this!".

The teacher was very angry, and she told the mother "Look for yourself how your son behaves in the classroom. He is spoiling the other students also. That is why I wanted you to see me". The mother was helplessly looking at the teacher.

Then the teacher, turning towards Siripala said very angrily "How dare you tell something like that to your own mother". Then Siripala said "I am telling you the truth; I did this". Then the teacher so confused, and frustrated, asked "Well then tell me how you dit it". Siripala said "One day I got hold of daddy's condoms, cut the tip of all of them, and this was the result".

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