Purely for Sri Lankans.... enjoy!
Posted by Shahhhhaaan - THE REVENGE on February 05, 1998 at 09:05:47:

There are three very rich and rather portly men who are taking a private jet across the world.

One is a buddhist monk, another is a gentleman called Prabhakaran, the third is a Thambi....

At a certain point they hear a huge rumble and the right engine catches on fire.... the plane begins to fall... and the only way they can survive is by throwing things out of the airplane to make it lighter.

Soooo... the Thambi throws out faluda, exclainimg.... We have enough of it in our country!!
Then Prabhakaran, throws out a Dosai... screaming with fear... that they he has enough of them around.
Finally the Buddhist monk picks up Prabhakaran with a big smile and throws him out of the plane....

The Thambi... slightly in surprised and in shock, asks:
"Why did u do that?"

Chuckling to himself, the Buddhist monk explains...
"Annaaay.... Veeee've definitely had more than enuv of him in our cunt tree, men!!"

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