escort agency
Posted by machan on February 03, 1998 at 21:55:37:

An important senator arranges to use an escort service (high-class prostitution)
and winds up with this beautiful Japanese girl who speaks little English, but hey,
he wasn't in the mood for conversation anyway. So they get at it, and she gets
into it like no woman he's ever seen! She starts yelling this Japanese word and
making faces and he can tell he's driving her crazy! He's never had it so good. So
the next morning, he's golfing with the Japanese ambassador, and he makes a
birdie. He suddenly remembers the word that the woman yelled at what must
have been the moment of climax the night before, and he yells it out. The
ambassador looks at him rather oddly, looks at the pin, and says, "no, that was
the right hole..."

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