Posted by BOW TO THE LRD! on January 28, 1998 at 20:52:08:

Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis.
Isn't it frightfully good to have it on.
It's swell to own a stiffy, it's devine to own a dick.
From the tiniest little tagger to the world's biggest prick.
Hooray for your Willie or John Thomas.
Three cheers for your one-eyed trouser snake.
Your wife's best friend, your piece of pork, your persy or your cock.
You can wrap it up in ribbons, you can hide it in your sock.
But don't take it out in public or they'll lock you in the dark, and you won't... come... back.

(Sing this to your favorite tune on your way to school to impress all your friends)

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