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Need Donor/Sponsors for humanitarian support
We duly established Firm engaged in Social Service Work to Support Poor Families in Sri Lanka. Requires Donor Agencies/ Sponsors to Fund us. Contact us to : HANI INTERNATIONAL Sri Lanka.
Contact: Mohamed , Sri Lanka
Email: info.haniinternational(---)gmail.com
Date: 5/19/2018
looking for a senior attorney
I m looking for a senior attorney - at -law to study civil and criminal practise. specially puttalam and kurunegala and anuradhapura district.this is kindly request for my seniors.after i write you other detailes. thank you
Contact: Herath , Sri Lanka
Email: lawyerherath7(---)gmail.com
Date: 5/18/2018
Help to I again come to sri lanka
My name is Juli. I am 22 years old. My family is a poor family. So I go housemaid job in oman. I work 3 months in oman. but I can't work. because I am sick now. I want go my country. but the agency ask money. pls kindly heart people help me pls.
Contact: Juli , Sri lanka
Email: Maryjuli544(---)gmail.com
Date: 5/11/2018
Please help us to be parents.
We are a couple trying to have a child for along time. All our attempts have failed. Since our all options are gone, now we are looking for a surrogate mother. She should be a healthy Sri Lankan woman between 25 and 35. Prefer a kind, innocent and an understanding person. Race, religion, caste immaterial. Everything will be done with extremely confidential and legal manner. There are no problems with money. Please help us to be parents.
Contact: Sajith, Sri Lanka
Email: pererakumara2017(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0786764836 Date: 5/05/2018
Looking a temporary job or help.
I am 39 years old male in Colombo. But my home town is out of the Colombo and boarded at here. I have already lost my job in more than 3 months. Now I am in the very critical situation without job therefore who can understand me and give a job or help for me until fine a job. Because still I couldn't find a job. Please reply me any kind harted person. Thank you...
Contact: Thusitha , Sri Lanka
Email: helpme.thusitha(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0712880497 Date: 4/30/2018
Help fore students
I am help fore students I am from abroad if some one need help fore study’s countact me sand me mobile nomber
Contact: Roshan , Srilanka
Email: rikasmnm1(---)gmail.com
Date: 4/24/2018
I will give bridle frock for very poor girl bridle day
I have a one time used bridle nice dress so i would like to give a very poor girl to as a gift from me , thats i used only for bridle show that one very expensive i dont like to sell and get money i want to give very poor girl who is going to be a bridle so pls contact me very poor girl i will help you giving this no sell , i only give as a free, poor girl who cant buy for that pls contact me
Contact: Dilki , Sri lanka
Email: dilkiperera728(---)gmail.com
Date: 4/21/2018
Help sought for Medicine
My young brother suffer from a serious illness for over 05 years . my retired struggle to find the expenses of medical tests and continuing medicine requirement. We seek a generous person to provide the patient's medicine as we strongly believe that he can be cured. Christine.
Contact: Christine , Sri Lanka
Email: praveena.christine(---)gmail.com
Date: 4/19/2018
Need help for complete my education
I'm a poor undergraduate student. If you can offer me financial support it'll be big help to complete my degree. Thank you very much
Contact: Gamunu, Sri Lanka
Email: rmgdbandara(---)gmail.com
Date: 4/17/2018
I would like to give my hand for small child
would like to be a mother for innocent child who age 3 to 4 age or up to not a problem giving a good education is my main priority , Sinhla or Tamil , Muslim children or not a problem to me main thing is want to give she or him good education , we respect that child like our own and provide everything what the child needs we are so innocent family we love help poor innocent child to avoid bad habbits , I am stefani email me
Contact: Anjala, Sri Lanka
Email: stefanianjala(---)gmail.com
Date: 4/10/2018
pls help to success our dream(A drama or photo shoot)
Hi I would like to take part in a drama or short advertisement or photo shoot as a hobby , me and my friend we both like to take part in a drama or photo shoot ,our age is 24 , so we are slim and fair , would like to do drama or photo shoot on the paper as a hobby so wiating a good teledrama director or any good person who related to this field , my contact email.
Contact: Nimali, Sri Lanka
Email: swnimali1(---)gmail.com
Date: 4/07/2018
Need business help
I am planning start kids party frock shop Any person can give 300000/= For 3 or 6 mont i can pay interest or Profit for the amount . I can give Promissory Note from lawyer or Business Agreement . Serious persons Only .
Contact: Iranthi , Sri lanka
Email: iranthi100(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0717780640 Date: 4/01/2018
Please read
I'm 33 years old disabled patient who having a disability. I'm a GBS patient. 60% recovery. Because of my health issues I can't do a job at the moment. I don't have any income. I'm looking a foreigner or sponsor who can help me & support me financially
Contact: Chamari, Sri Lanka
Email: chamsiriwardena84(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0712252785 Date: 3/17/2018
i Need a help from buitishian
I am from abroad I am finding buitishian from srilanka start fore saloon in japan I have not experienced about this golf so I need a help from buitishian if some one inrest countact me on mail adres fore futher ditails
Contact: Roshan , Srilanka
Email: Dilshanfirnandes(---)gmail.com
Date: 3/11/2018
Need a sponsership or financial support
Hi I'm 25 years old girl who need migrate Australia , New Zealand, Canada or USA. Currently holding a good profession . But i do not have good financial support. Would like if someone can help me come up. Even if it though a elderly couple who need a good daughter to take care of you i can help to that .if anyone interested please let me know.thank you.
Contact: Natasha, Sri Lanka
Email: natashaperera35(---)gmail.com
Date: 3/07/2018
Start a new business
I am looking for a investor to start the business of Hardware shop in my own so for that i need a invester to help me , Specially forigner Sir from English Country or Arabi Country Genuine sir Help me to do my Small Business , . Please call me to discuss.
Contact: Ruhini, Sri lanka
Email: ruhinisamadi(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/27/2018
Need large Monitor for children school
We need a large 22" or above for children school for showing cartoon series for kids. Donate if you have one with you free for the fun of children.The kidergarten school is in Batticaloa district and no financial ability to buy at the moment.We need a monitor free of charge.We do pick it from colombo or kindly send it by courier service.we can pay for postage.Thank you for your big help.
Contact: Keerthi, Sri Lanka
Email: kdkeerthi(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779502568 Date: 2/26/2018
your kind attention to
my daughter is 22 years and studying. she is suffering gastritis. doctor recommend (do the send a camera to stomach find the problem) she is highly worry about go to government hospital.Anybody can give help us do in private hospital. great help
Contact: swarna, srilanka
Email: jayanthiswarna(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779514058 Date: 2/21/2018
Required Big Help
I would be very obliged if any kind person could help me with an over-lock machine, a second hand would be fine. Someone who has and does not use it anymore could sell it to me on installment basis. I need to start life again from scratch. My email address.
Contact: Sandra, Sri Lanka
Email: joshua.spirits(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/15/2018
Require a Second Hand Overlock Machine
I would be very obliged if any kind person could help me with an over-lock machine, a second hand would be fine. Someone who has and does not use it anymore could sell it to me on installment basis. I need to start life again from scratch.
Contact: Sandra, Sri Lanka
Email: joshua.spirits(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/13/2018
Kids school charity project
if any one of you sincerely wish to support a poor school in Anamaduwa, Kurunegala, kindly email me. write only if you sincerely wish to help. kind regards Susan
Contact: Susan, Sri Lanka
Email: susan(---)eol.lk
Date: 2/11/2018
Help given
I am willing to assist students (Grade 01 to University) from any part of the island, who have financial issues to continue their studies. Only criterion is that they should have genuine financial issues. If you are interested please drop an e-mail to the following e-mail address also for female single parents call
Contact: Uthum, Sri Lanka
Email: oscardesilva(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0771696500 Date: 2/09/2018
Kidney donor O /- needed
Desperately seeking a kidney donor blood group O /- for a family member (a very young father of 1). If you are in good health and below age 50 and willing to donate please please contact us as soon as possible.
Contact: Silva, Sri Lanka
Email: shellyfamily5(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0718386913 Date: 2/07/2018
Helping Deserving Students
I am willing to assist students (Grade 01 to University) from any part of the island, who have financial issues to continue their studies. Only criterion is that they should have genuine financial issues. If you are interested please drop an e-mail to the following e-mail address
Contact: Sudharshna, Sri Lanka
Email: ndskb2016(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/02/2018
I need to buy a laptop for my work
I need to buy a laptop for my work. I'm working as a admin & graphic designer. I haven't money for buy. I'm a patient who has a disability. If you have extra laptop that you don't use please give to as a kindly support. Should have graphic card. Need capacity also.
Contact: Chamari, Sri Lanka
Email: chamsiriwardena84(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777652040 Date: 1/24/2018
I need a genuine help
I have a part time job that I can do in home for that I need a laptop or desktop, this is a kindly request for my difficult situation ,I'm expecting a so genuine and kind help for my difficult situation.
Contact: Nethali, Sri lanka
Email: nethalihimasha(---)gmail.com
Date: 1/22/2018
Looking a Clerical Job
I'm 33 years old disability patient who stayed at my relations house, I haven't job. last month my mother passed away. I'm looking a good clerical job around Colombo. Please help.
Contact: Chamari , Sri Lanka
Email: chamsiriwardena84(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777652040 Date: 1/14/2018
Need help from a kind hearted person.
My family is very poor. My parents are both old and only my father works but it is difficult for him because of his age. I want to take care of them but because of a disability I couldn't function and work like normal people. Please someone help me to support my parents.I will forever be grateful for you. I tried working online but I don't have a computer so if anyone can help me to get a computer or find something that I can do from home it is a great help for me.
Contact: Madhushi, Sri Lanka
Email: miss.misery2018(---)gmail.com
Date: 1/08/2018
Help wanted in finding work
I am a male 67 yrs and wife is 62.I have a heart condition while my wife is a cancer patient under treatment for the last three yrs. I was a tech. officer in medical electronics but for the last 5 yrs I work as a security officer. What I wish is that some one will help me find work as a freelance translator.I can do both Sinhala to English & English to Sinhala. As I can only type English I can send Sinhala texts in hard copy while English texts can be sent online. I hope some one would help me.
Contact: Wickremasinghe, Sri Lanka
Email: d.s.wickremasinghe(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0772463578 Date: 1/07/2018
Students Requiring Financial Assistance
A Donor is looking for few deserving Students to assist financially to continue their higher studies. Priority will be given for students from remote areas, whose families are not able to support higher studies due to their family economical status. Since only few openings are available donor will not be able to acknowledge all requests but will respond to the selected students/their guardians and their School principals to authenticate the claim for assistance.
Contact: Rohantha, Sri Lanka
Email: educationalhelp01(---)gmail.com
Date: 1/07/2018
A little girl of 9 years requires a genuine person to help her to study. She has no school at the moment as the mother is a single parent and cannot afford her studies. The little girl was studying in the English medium. Please help this little girl as she is a lovely christian girl
Contact: Juliana, Sri Lanka
Email: ksperera336(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0778607457 Date: 1/02/2018
A school child needs your help
A mother of a child at grade 4 studies in a private school, needs your helping hand to purchase his school stationery plus school books. Father is sick and unable to attend to this, you may contact me at this email.
Contact: Farook, Sri Lanka
Email: bravolk(---)gmail.com
Date: 12/27/2017
Seeking help to migrate or find a good job
We are middle forty decent couple with two bright kids of their Education. Now Husband do some small job and salary is not enough for maintaining family well. Specially we both expecting good future of our kids. They are talented and bright not even Education.. Extra activities too. Husband having good education background and can do any kind of work under pressure with any challengers. So please respectable madam or sir. In this essential movement assist us. Thanks. more details contact.
Contact: Camara, Sri Lanka
Email: yohan.chaminda68(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0765500421 Date: 12/25/2017
Water filter for Cave Temple
We are looking for some one to donate a recommended water filter for the Buddhist Monks at Cave temple in Jungle area of Monaragala District. Currently they consume unhealthy water which should be purified for human consumption.
Contact: Liyanage, Sri lanka
Email: liyanage.lkasun(---)gmail.com
Date: 12/13/2017
I want to start my life again
Dear sir/madam, I am 30 years old person. I have lost my business and everything. I want to start my life again. looking for someone to help me financially. dear sir or madam, can you help me please..
Contact: Nuwan, Sri Lanka
Email: nuwanrp87(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0764144711 Date: 12/07/2017
Help my Self employment
I lost my job ,tried to find but not yet .As my age wont be able to find easily. I have 2 children so how ever i have to earn money for them .I rented out a house to do villa . But have to renovate and buy furniture. went to bank for a loan but not yet. I need about three hundred thousand.I need your help as my situation and i should be able to pay monthly after six month.Help me.
Contact: Perera, Sri Lanka
Email: dhpbmc(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0771600200 Date: 12/04/2017
Donate your used items
Donate your used items what ever it is but still in usable conditions for poor families in remote villages in Eastern Province. Don't keep them all in your garage if you don't need them any more and keep your space for something else. Many people still in need......but can not afford to buy the it.Your items may be a gift for christmas. new year and thai pongal ect,,,, make them happy.
Contact: Keerthi, Sri Lanka
Email: kdkeerthi(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779502543 Date: 11/26/2017
Seeking help to find a job under kind person
I am seeking a job as a chauffeur under kind expatriate or Sri Lankan person, I have over 15 years’ experience and excellent reference from V I P”s & Locals also safe driving record without any accidents I possess heavy vehicle driver’s license ability to drive all type of luxury cars, I am very punctual and polite well-mannered English speaking 50 years person. Who needs my service please contact me through my e mail. Most prefer to stay and work
Contact: Mangala, Sri Lanka
Email: mangalaherath29(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0774153203 Date: 11/22/2017
Need visit visa to Australia
Hi, if anyone can help me to get visit visa to Australia. Actually it's my dream from my childhood. I tried several times from here agencies but all are cheate me. Now I m trying to find a sponsor that who can help me to be there. If anyone can please mail me or call me. Thank you.
Contact: Hasala, Sri lanka
Email: hemal84nanayakkara(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777855559 Date: 11/14/2017
Student Seeking Help
I am a Computer Student , I need to buy a new computer but not able because my father unemployed . please help me to buy a computer.
Contact: Perera, Sri Lanka
Email: mspuperera(---)gmail.com
Date: 11/05/2017
Donate your used items for poor folks
Donate-used items-Donate us to issue your used but still usable items whatever you stored in your garage. Those items will be given to rural poor people in need - remote villages of Batticaloa District.It could be cloths,electrical items,School items,house hold,kitchen utensils and what ever you don't need any more.We assist you in return to visit Batticaloa as tourist.We do collect items from Colombo or send them by train to Batticaloa. We do pick them here. Feel free to call.This is a charity
Contact: Keerthi, Sri Lanka
Email: kdkeerthi(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779502568 Date: 10/30/2017
Looking a Good Lady Sponsor
I'm 33 years old disability patient who stayed at my relations house, I haven't job. last month my mother passed away. I'm looking a" wealthy & kind Lady sponsor" who can help me financially please. Please help me as your daughter. Thank you.
Contact: Hiranthi, Sri Lanka
Email: hsiriwardena7(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777652040 Date: 10/26/2017
Please help me
Hi I am Nethali doing a Permanent job but that job salary only not enough to me. I need a part time job from a good boss. I would like to train a business like a car sale company if I can join as a part time or property company or any other I would like to while doing this job I would like to part of them also , if there is a opportunity that would like to offer me pls email me i do my duties well.
Contact: Nethali , Sri Lanka
Email: nethalihimasha(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/25/2017
Help me for Self employment
I lost my job but not yet then I thought to start small self employment but I have financial matters . I need fifty thousand to start .but no option. Help me. This is true.
Contact: Perera, Sri Lanka
Email: mspuperera(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0783545708 Date: 10/22/2017
Financial help for rent house
Very difficult financial situation i am in ,we have to pay the rent to new place my money someone stolen if you stolen pls give to me that money kept me for i am rent a house , for i have now one month rent please any genuine person assist i am appreciate this moment , this very difficult situation genuine help expecting , forigner or genuine gentleman help i am expecting , pls help me I am Nilanthi.
Contact: Nilanthi, sri lanka
Email: nilanthigeethika44(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/19/2017
Looking a Lady Sponsor
I'm 33 years old disability patient who stayed at my relations house, I haven't job. last month my mother passed away. I'm looking a" wealthy & kind Lady sponsor" who can help me financially please. Please help me as your daughter. Thank you.
Contact: Chamari, Sri Lanka
Email: chamsiriwardena84(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0712252785 Date: 10/14/2017
Doctors Assistant
I have operated my Firbriod in 1999. Due to negligence of Doctor I got a DVT at the same time. Doctor never back to see me after my operation. From 1999 to present I am suffering. In 2001 I got a leg Ulcer and 03 times I did plastic surgery at Durdens Hospital .Now I am surfering from the same. please help me to cure my Ulcer .I consulted many Doctors but still it same and very painful. If anyone can help me to cure. Please contact me . Its great help for me as I am financial unsound
Contact: Rupasinghe, Sri Lanka
Email: gpdrupasinghe(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0772101346 Date: 10/14/2017
Help me please
I am Sri Lanka girl and seek a part time job that i do in home ,presently i am employed and am paid a very small amount of money so that salary not enough for me to rent my house fee also ,so i am expecting a work part time job under foreigner or data entry online job , or any suitable job. waiting a reply from you
Contact: Shanika, sri lanka
Email: shanikaimasha(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/09/2017
Financial help for my music works
I need some money for make some new songs and music videos. i am looking kind madam or sir for help me for my future music works. i want to be a good singer in Sri Lanka. it is my dream. please help me. and i also like join to music band. i can sing old Sinhalese hit songs. please help me
Contact: Isanka, Sri lanka
Email: isankajayanath83(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777406810 Date: 10/03/2017
Do you have an unwanted computer
My Computer broken , I am not able to buy new one ,if you have used but unwanted computer , please donate me. Thank you.
Contact: Perera, Sri lanka
Email: mspuperera(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0783545708 Date: 9/29/2017
Help for remove white cover from eyes
My father eyes has covering with white we went to general hospital and eye hospital no lence so that I'm convence dear sir /madam ,please help me to buy a leance on behalf of my father this is a very kind request from a kind daughter for his father ,I'm sanoja from kurunegala contact by call or email
Contact: Sanoja, Sri Lanka
Email: sanoja123(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0788811001 Date: 9/21/2017
Financial Help Needed to Start My Own Business
I am in profession a IT-Consultant and now in a structured plan to start my own business on the Forex. I currently need a genuine honest person Male/Female who can spend over LKR 6 Lakhs, to assist me to grow my business. Please do call me if you wish to meet me at office for further discussion. With Best Regards.
Contact: Perera, Sri Lanka
Email: umnperera1(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0714779556 Date: 9/18/2017
Seeking Donors
We are a Humanitarian Charity Organization in Sri Lanka. We help school ,children of low income families and all the details of us can be obtained through rashmifoundation.org . We are seeking international and local donors to help our organization
Contact: Rashmi, Sri Lanka
Email: rashmifoundationbb(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0763519394 Date: 9/14/2017
Contact: SUJEEVA, Sri Lanka
Email: sujee2224(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0758751283 Date: 9/11/2017

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