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Looking a genuine Investor
Hi, I am Sampath Fernando and 15 years experience in Tourism industry. I have planned to open an Inbound and outbound travel agency in Sri Lanka. I have very good contacts in the industry. I am really looking for Good Foreign /Local Investor who really likes to invest tourism business. If anyone interest Please drop me an email to below.
Contact: Sampath , Sri Lanka
Email: sampathforever(---)gmail.com
Date: 7/05/2018
Ceylon Black/White Pepper
We are a spice export venture based in Sri Lanka focusing mainly on Pepper. We have a strong supply chain and can provide pepper at retail or bulk quantities consistently. Moreover, we are able to do processing at the customer's request and can comply with European food standards as well (if that is a requirement) We export Cashew nuts in small quantities as well. Please feel free to contact us if interested.
Contact: Minindu, Sri Lanka
Email: minindums(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0713846228 Date: 6/16/2018
Tourists Villa/Guest House
Seeking a Genuine and Reliable Business partner for a hotel project in Galle district. I have tea estate in Yatalamaththa area and another land in Habaraduwa close to the sea. very quiet locations surround plenty of trees. These two lands are ideal for foreign guests & local guests, someone from hospitality background with investment is welcome. Investment plan negotiable. Interested parties foreigners/locals please contact. Foreigners who are willing to relocate or stay longer also welcome.
Contact: Premasiri , Sri Lanka
Email: prema.18(---)hotmail.com
Date: 6/07/2018
Export Sri Lankan spices including Ceylon cinnamon
We are a new Sri Lankan spice company and looking for worldwide buyers/ partners for our products. Our current products are Ceylon cinnamon, cinnamon, powder, cinnamon oil, pepper and clove. We are willing to work with dehydrated food and vegetables in near future. In addition, if you have a special opportunity/ requirement for Sri Lankan food or spice products, we may arrange. Please visit our website www.trueceylonspices.com for information.
Contact: Chandana , Sri Lanka
Email: sales(---)trueceylonspices.com
Date: 6/06/2018
Business Partner
Need Investment for import cloth business Amount:500,000/= Returning Period 6,12months Guarantee: Business agreement or promissory note. Can share profit or interest
Contact: Nadeeshani , Sri Lanka
Email: nadee30005(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0782399421 Date: 6/05/2018
looking for ongoing business in Dubai
I am looking for ongoing business in Dubai to take over. if you have an ongoing business even if you do not make much profit please contact me. I am living in UK.
Contact: Mahesh , UK
Email: mahesh75(---)hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 07459878869 Date: 6/03/2018
Business Partners - Wanted
A Company registered under Hong-Kong BR (Limited company - suppliers category) looking for business partners on profit sharing basis or Directorship shares. If Interested please contact for more details. Ownership changing Possibilities at a reasonable rate.
Contact: Larry , Srilanka
Email: larry.calvin1983(---)gmail.com
Date: 6/02/2018
Looking for vehicle owners for my own travel group
Hello I'm Dinushika from Sri Lanka I'm looking for new vehicle owners for my own travel group specially I'll do Vehicle & accommodation rent for the local & foreigners so I want SUV jeeps cab cars & van any foreign investors interest to join with our travel group contact me for more details Viber/WhatsApp Thank you
Contact: Dinushika, Sri Lanka
Email: dinushikamalshan7(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0767223446 Date: 6/02/2018
Selling very popular restaurant with apartments
Italian single-owner, complete 3 story building 330 sq.m. plus external area with garden of 200 sq.m. for sale in the heart of Unawatuna, highly touristic area between hotels. 100 meters from the beach. almost 14 perches land. Ground floor fully furnished restaurant with 30 tables. First floor two new apartments, A/C, corner kitchens, bathrooms, refrigerators, hot water. Second floor new room going to finish with bathroom, hot water, 90 sq.meters veranda sea view. 38 million rupees.
Contact: Roberto, Sri Lanka
Email: robinwood22.rc(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94776675622 Date: 5/24/2018
Travel & Tourism business opportunities
Opportunities in Europe / Middle East / Japan / Australia / USA / Canada/ China. We SAYLANKA Tours, looking for business partners, travel agents in Europe / Middle East / Japan / Australia / USA / Canada to promote. Please contact us for more information.
Contact: Kavishka , Sri Lanka
Email: saylankatour(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0772356079 Date: 5/19/2018
Coco peat foreign buyers wanted
Hi everyone.. I'm looking for cocopeat buyers from Europe, Japan, Aussie, USA and UK. I have plenty of supplies. Please message me with your requirements. Thank you!
Contact: Fabin , Sri Lanka
Email: christinanilanifabina(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94722272278 Date: 5/19/2018
Looking a genuine business partner
Hi , I am Sampath Fernando and 15 years experience in Tourism industry. I have planed to open Inbound and outbound travel agency in Sri Lanka.I have very good contacts in the industry. I am really looking for Good Foreign /Local Investor who really like to invest tourism business. If any one interest Please drop me an email to below.
Contact: Sampath , Sri Lanka
Email: sampathforever(---)gmail.com
Date: 5/11/2018
BPO/LPO Outsourcing Services
We undertake Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) assignments / projects as per client requirement. We do Data analysis and management, Document drafting, paralegal support service, secretariat survives, Bookkeeping and billing, Contract review and advise, General litigation support services, Intellectual Property (IP) services & Legal research. Please contact if you need any further details.
Contact: Anurada , Sri Lanka
Email: anurada77(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94779988150 Date: 4/24/2018
Hotel project
Seeking a Genuine and Reliable Business partner for hotel project in Gampha district. I have two land located in closed to Katunayake Air port & other one in Gampha Genemulla area. very quite locations near by paddy field, with plenty of trees. These two locations are 160p each, good for foreign gusts & local guests, someone from hospitality background with investment ideal or even any business background ok. Investment can be negotiable. Pl contact us with your details.
Contact: Neil , Sri Lanka
Email: cottonparklanka(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777210121 Date: 4/24/2018
Aged care facility
I have employed & experienced in the field of aged care services am looking honest person who could collaborate and start five star aged care facility in Colombo this business will be looking offer services for foreign living families parents who are residing in Sri Lanka further quires please write your interest by email.
Contact: Nilmini , Sri Lanka
Email: mitsu_nandanilmini(---)hotmail.com
Phone: 0777376006 Date: 4/22/2018
Japan visa and a branch there
Do you need permanent Japan visa to work or for Business? We can help you setup a business (Branch/New) there and permanent japan visa for you and your partners to work or do business there. All you need is to contact us with your details and needs. Thanks.
Contact: khan , Sri Lanka
Email: lkceylon(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779471849 Date: 4/16/2018
Branded Clothing
We can supply branded Men's T Shirts from Bangladesh, A grade master copies, excellent quality, in ratio S,M,L,XL (1-2-2-1), GSM 160, delivery to your door step, for the qty above 1500, very special prize. please well come wholesale buyers, email or viber contact
Contact: Dhammika , Sri Lanka
Email: dineshdis(---)hotmail.com
Phone: 0779936376 Date: 4/14/2018
Immigration consultant
One of a New Zealand Immigration Consultancy firm looking for a Sri Lankan representative. Please send me an e-mail for further details. Thank you
Contact: Hana, New Zealand
Email: info.rh7(---)gmail.com
Date: 4/10/2018
Music instruments importers need from japan.
Need music instruments such as saxophones , box guitars, jazz drums etc directly import from japan. Pls contact me.
Contact: Eranda , Sri Lanka
Email: kushaniqoption(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0766692752 Date: 3/28/2018
Red copper wire scrap available
We have suppliers Asia who can supply red copper wire scrap. LME price max discount 9% lc payment mode. WhatsApp or Email .
Contact: Vishnuraj, Srilanka
Email: vishnraj1234(---)gmail.com
Phone: 094783443913 Date: 3/25/2018
Need Funds for Poor Families in Sri Lanka
We are a Registered Company for helping Sri Lankan Poor Societies requires Funds from Worldwide for humanitarian Support in Sri Lanka.Any Funding Organizations,individuals,Charity Organizations,Companies wish to help Poor,Kindly do not hesitate to Contact us. HANI INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED. ( Social Service Work) No: 386/C 1, Kandy Road, Gattuwana Junction, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.
Contact: Mohamed, Sri Lanka
Email: info.haniinternational(---)gmail.com
Date: 3/17/2018
Reliable, Serious and a Reputable Tea Supplier Wanted
I am looking for a reputable Sri Lankan tea exporter/dealer to provide tea samples, in order to place long term orders to the UK. Interested in Cinnamon and Ginger flavoured tea, also can you provide other Scented/Aromatized/ herbal infusion fruits and lemon flavoured Teas etc Only serious and reliable supplier is considered, seeking for a credible and established supplier. Can you provide product samples in Tea Bags and Lose Tea? Pls email product descriptions
Contact: Razeen, UK
Email: faz2962(---)gmail.com
Date: 3/11/2018
Contact: SILVA, US
Email: vojesusaim1289(---)gmail.com
Date: 3/04/2018
Available japan business visas
can help anyone who own a business in sri lanka, to open a branch in japan. need someone to invest can help 2 business visas, valid one year with multipal entries. for details please contact as early as posible.please contact srilanka for japan number for more details. CALL or email. THANK YOU AND GOOD BLESS YOU.
Contact: Jerome, Japan
Email: desilvahasitha14(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94 763552911 Date: 3/03/2018
IN KANDY I have 7 luxury rooms with a swimming pool. and Bandarawela 4 rooms.Any agent or a individual who is keen in joing me on 50-50 basis please contact me I am a 45 years experience in managing a star class my own holiday resort resort.I can handle from here once you send your guests.I was owning Ran Mal Holiday Resort in Moratuwa over 45 years and 10 years in Kany. My web sit is www.ranmalkandybungalow.com And the resort I manage web site www.ranmalholidayresor.com
Contact: Ranjith, Sri Lanka
Email: ranjithranmalk(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0772771801 Date: 3/03/2018
Travel & Tourism business opportunities
Opportunities in Europe / Middle East / Japan / Australia / USA / Canada. We Discover Sri Lanka, looking for business partners, travel agents in Europe / Middle East / Japan / Australia / USA / Canada to promote srilankatouroperator.lk. Please contact with your current profile related to tourism business.
Contact: Discover, Sri Lanka
Email: info(---)srilankatouroperator.lk
Date: 2/26/2018
Supplier for raw materials needed
We are looking for a reliable business partner who can supply us raw materials from India to United Kingdom, Interested person should contact us as soon as possible. MRS POOJA ANDERSON
Contact: POOJA, London
Email: andersonpooja1234(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/25/2018
Company formation in Qatar
1.*Commercial Registration
2.*Approval for Company activities
3.*Fire approval for office and shops
4.*Municipal approval for office and shops
5.*Computer Card
6.*Visa Approval
For more Queries Please be free to get in touch : this IS my what sap IMO N0.
Contact: Mohamed, Qatar
Email: thetravelforce(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/20/2018
Please Reply who wants to join and support
We expect the financial support of local and foreign patrons for a Sinhala Media Community network that will be built in future. The long-term experienced people of the area have planned this program well. Please Reply who wants to join and support this media network ,will be able to provide us with information and assistance to provide us with housing and buildings and financial partners
Contact: Anura, France
Email: dahamchinta(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/19/2018
Value added tea for export market
We provide value added tea with Ginger and Cinnamon to high quality BOPF Grade. The quality of tea is improved with additions and helps for healthy life. Dehydrated high quality ginger and cinnamon powder is added in correct proportion which is investigated with continuous testing. Samples can be provided.
Contact: Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka
Email: samarasinghe.vishaka0(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777308343 Date: 2/17/2018
Private Investor / Financial Service
I am Thomas Leigh, a Private business owner and first time wanting to invest in good startups and other business with revenue generating. Anyone seeking investor should contact me with his/her proposal. Sincerely, Thomas Leigh
Contact: Thomas, UK
Email: leigh.tom(---)outlook.com
Date: 2/17/2018
Planning to open a new company in Qatar
1.*Commercial Registration
2.*Approval for Company activities
3.*Fire approval for office and shops
4.*Municipal approval for office and shops
5.*Computer Card
6.*Visa Approval
For more Queries Please be free to get in touch : this I my what sap IMO N0. overseas Mob number
Contact: Mohamed, Srilanka
Email: thetravelforce(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94773555189 Date: 2/11/2018
Business with Japan
If you are interested to do export import business with Japan Mr Hashimoto (Japanese business coordinate ) available in Colombo please contact.
Contact: Ranjith, Sri Lanka
Email: franjith862(---)gmail.com
Phone: 9477632 8387 Date: 2/10/2018
Do you want to get a visit visa ?
We can provide a list of necessary documents for a tourist/ visit visa to any country. Please call us for further details.
Contact: Perera, Sri Lanka
Email: christinanilanifabina(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94722272278 Date: 1/28/2018
Watching Dolphins & Kitesurfing
We are providing honestly good service for watching Dolphins & kite surfing. reasonable rates & we can arrange compatible hotels with good vehicles for travel.it's located in kalpity area.please contact for more details. Viber, Whatapp Thanks Jude
Contact: Jude, Sri Lanka
Email: samith.fonseka99(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0766770596 Date: 1/27/2018
Industrial production plant for sale
Complete Engine rebuilding machinery set up. & Cable tray pruction line inc profile line. Total work shop for producing shoe industri- Total heidelberg printing shop. Total Bakery line production 12000 bun and sandwich bread for one hour capacity. set up for producing beer and mineral water, total work shop with lathe. bending . rolling. milling. welding. drilling. and many more Contact Upali S Wedage Aggersborggade no 2 4sal 2100 Copenhagen Denmark.
Contact: Upali , Denmark
Email: reservation(---)upalis.dk
Date: 1/17/2018
looking investor
Looking investor to start IT releted business. I'm well experience (10 year) IT professional in colombo, sri lanka. I'm currently working to a private company. Looking to start business in similar capacity in Information Technology with local or forieng investor.Please feel free to contact me. Thanks and best regards.
Contact: Roshan, Sri Lanka
Email: roshankj55(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0766092955 Date: 1/07/2018
Looking for Local Partner in Sri Lanka
Hello. We are a handbag manufacturer based in Los Angeles and we are looking for a local partner in Sri Lanka to help sell our products locally. Your responsibilities in Sri Lanka will be Sales, Marketing, Warehousing and Returns. We'll take care of the manufacturing and logistics. Here's a little more information about our proposal. Proposed Contract Term is 1 year. Start Date is Immediately. # of Products Available is 25. Investment Budget Available is US$1,000 - US$5,000.
Contact: Mufaddal, Sri Lanka
Email: panxpanglobal(---)gmail.com
Date: 12/30/2017
Export and Import business
Hi sir I am Sri Lanka I like business export import just I am strat but I like my business more I teams import plan I like joint good company pile give me reply
Contact: Farook, Sri lanka
Email: agffarook(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0718823241 Date: 12/21/2017
Foreign investor seeks hospital construction project
If you have suitable land to construct a hospital our European Principals can provide 100% loan at low interest. Also extensions to existing hospitals,importation of hospital equipment & hospital supplies can be financed at low interest.
Contact: sellahannadi, Sri Lanka
Email: 123projectfinancing(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0771787039 Date: 12/19/2017
Sri Lankan Luxury Hotel for Long Term Lease
We are a Brand New Hotel in the down south. 3500 usd American Dollars per month. Lease for 2-4 years with handling over business. Two years direct payment and 3rd or 4th year Rental or lease price negotiable A/C WiFi 24 hrs Customer service An Expirienced Russian Tour Operater girl in all Europe market and Chinese market Hot water facility Fully equipped 02 restaurant bar lobby on roof top yoga center and ideal for surf school
Contact: Kamil, Sri Lanka
Email: dahamyahosting(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0774032533 Date: 12/17/2017
Wood turning cylinder
Wood turning cylinder hand made from wood Spices packaged are White Pepper, Black Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom Height 4 inches and diameter 2.5 inches Can customize the cylinder with your company logo or any preferred description .
Contact: Maheswaran, Sri Lanka
Email: umamail100(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777533233 Date: 12/09/2017
Need Help For my Business‎
I bought a place to start a Villa but have to repairs and buy furniture so stuck. however before mid December i need to open for guests .No chance to get bank loan. Help me .i can repay within one year. Everything can do black & White.Please contact me for more.
Contact: Harry, Sri Lanka
Email: harrykdybus(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0723603539 Date: 11/29/2017
Offer for Partnership and Investment.
Greetings to you all, I'm an investment consultant and his is my first post here. So I apologize if this is irrelevant. I was wondering if anyone in here is planning to start or expand a business but lacks the finance and if so I would be more than happy to provide free consultancy/guidance on the processes, steps, etc.. out of experience. I also can connect you either to a sponsor or an active partner or investor depending on the idea/project. Feel free to contact me.
Contact: Lewis, USA
Email: graan5500(---)gmail.com
Date: 11/20/2017
Looking a genuine business partner
Seeking a Genuine and Reliable Business partner I am looking a genuine busness partner who can market our coconut fiber products (Mix fiber, Metress fiber and Brush fiber) to China and all over the world. or we can do join business new or running business. I have Export development board registration and Coconut development authority export licence.I have done 148 fresh Coconut shipments to Pakistan, one Coconut shipment to United Kingdom and 42 coconut mix fiber shipments to China.if any gen
Contact: Hussain, Sri Lanka
Email: fjcoconutfibre(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0776969059 Date: 11/19/2017
Require a premises in Colombo 3
A stand-alone house/building is sought for an educational institute in Kollupitiya. 3500 sq ft. with 5-6 parking lots. Rent negotiable. Call our agent direct.
Contact: Vijay, Sri Lanka
Email: vijay(---)colombofort.com
Phone: 0772585878 Date: 11/14/2017
General Trading(Import/Export)
We are a reputed group of companies based in Dubai, U.A.E. We are into finance, Commodities import and export & Automobile Spares. Our interest to find professional companies and individuals to co-operate with our business activities to explore the new markets and innovative projects. We are ready to extend our full support for people who qualify our requirements. If you are in our zone we are prepared to welcome you warmly.
Contact: Fernando, U.A.E
Email: markf966(---)gmail.com
Date: 11/14/2017
Invester/Partner needed
We are looking for a Investor or Partner for a well reputed IT Company running over 15 years in Sri Lanka.
Contact: David, Sri lanka
Email: Davidxy7766(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0715139585 Date: 11/14/2017
General Trading (Import/Export)
We are a reputed group of companies based in Dubai, U.A.E. We are into finance, Commodities import and export & Automobile Spares. Our interest to find professional companies and individuals to co-operate with our business activities to explore the new markets and innovative projects. We are ready to extend our full support for people who qualify our requirements. If you are in our zone we are prepared to welcome you Sri Lankans warmly.
Contact: Kevin, Sri Lanka
Email: markf966(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0112956176 Date: 11/13/2017
Looking for Sri Lanka Business Partner
Well established UK and Western Europe Fashion/Clothing business, looking for successful business partner or investor to start high end clothing business (Both Men's and Womenswear, Handbags, shoes, accessories, etc) in Sri Lanka. Please contact me, only if you have resources to move forward. Strictly, no time wasters. Thanks
Contact: Chris, UK
Email: fashion4lessshop(---)gmail.com
Date: 11/09/2017
Back office support services
We provide back office financial services such as processing confidential payroll, project reports, accounting services, feasibility studies, consultancy etc. We can even offer BPO services.
Contact: Nazmi, Sri Lanka
Email: nazmimukthar(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94777749664 Date: 10/31/2017
Travel & Tours business opportunities
Opportunities in Europe / USA, UAE, Malaysia and Russia. We are newly open online travels & tours company, looking for business partners from overseas who can work with us for commision based. If you can promote us in Europe, USA, UAE, Russia, Malaysia, Poland & other countries, you will get paid huge commision as our agent. More info and details can you contact us via email please.
Contact: Daniel, Sri Lanka
Email: danieldee023(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0766609013 Date: 10/26/2017
Supplier look to buying a Yellow Corn for Chicken Feed
We need regular 100000 Tonnes per month basis for international market. First order starting with 100 Tonnes. Good quality and best price suppliers can be register with us. Please call us quickly. Thanks.
Contact: Pradeep, Sri Lanka
Email: pradeep(---)echoldingz.com
Phone: 0722419520 Date: 10/23/2017
Opportunity for Business owners
Are you a small business owner/ Manufacturer of Agro based products. Do you like to sell your product in foreign countries. We are looking for Pure Ceylon Cinnamon - Natural /Organic , powder/ Sticks and oil. Other spices . Submit your detail with products images , FOB prices , packaging information and license or EDB registration detail. We are looking for direct suppliers ONLY, NO agent or brokers accept. Send us your direct contact number.
Contact: Kotte, Canada
Email: diyawanna(---)hotmail.com
Date: 10/19/2017

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